How To Use Silicone Cupping Therapy For Pain Relief

How To Use Silicone Cupping Therapy For Pain Relief

Silicone cupping therapy is becoming more known lately as a method that does not require surgery and works well for lessening pain and helping people to feel calm. If you want to know how this silicone cupping treatment can reduce pain, this is the correct location for your curiosity. In this guide, we are going to show you the simple steps of silicone cupping and how to add it to your daily health practices.

Silicone cupping therapy comes from traditional Chinese medical ideas. You put silicone cups for cupping therapy on the skin to make suction that encourages blood movement, lessens swelling, and relaxes muscles and connective tissues. 

Step-by-step guide to silicone cupping therapy

1) Select proper silicone cups: Begin with choosing the right size of silicone cupping therapy kit for the body part you plan to use them on. Big cups are suitable for bigger areas such as your back and thighs, and small cups fit better for smaller places like your neck, shoulders, and joints.

 2) Get your skin ready: Wash the part of your skin with top beauty products where you want to put the cups. It is very important to clean off all oils, creams, or perspiration to make sure that a strong seal and suction can happen.

 3) Put on some oil: You should put a small amount of something slippery or online beauty products, like coconut oil or gel that mixes with water, onto your skin. It makes the cups go over the skin easily and stops it from hurting when they are sucking on your skin.

 4) Make a vacuum: Press the silicone cupping set to push out air, then put it strong on the skin. Let go of your hold for the cup to make suction. You should feel a gentle pulling sensation on your skin.

 5) Change suction strength: You have the choice to make the cup's pull stronger or weaker based on what feels good for you. Begin with silicone cups for cupping therapy and then slowly make it more powerful if necessary.

 6) Shift the cups around: You can slide the silicone cupping therapy kit over bigger sections to spread out the suction effect and encourage better blood flow. To relieve tension from trigger points or knots, you may let the cups sit for several minutes.

7) Take away the cups: When the time you want has passed (usually it is between 5 to 10 minutes), softly push on the silicone cupping set edge to stop the suction. Do this before taking off the cups with care so as not to upset your skin.

After you have the cupping done, it is possible to see some red marks or discolorations on your skin after using top beauty products. These are typical reactions and they usually go away after a few days

Use of silicone in the beauty industry

Silicone is now more than only for baking mats and tools in the kitchen. Silicone is becoming very common in many beauty items, from taking care of your skin and hair to makeup things. What is the reason for silicone is so liked in online beauty products?

Silicone in hair and skincare

Apart from the silicone cupping therapy kit, Go through the skincare section, and probably you see silicone in products like moisturizers, serums, primers, and also sunscreens. When you use a hair serum or make your hair smoother, often it has silicone in it. Silicones such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone are very good for the hair. 

Makeup marvels of silicone in cosmetics

Silicone is very important in the online beauty products industry, it is found in many products like foundation, concealer, primer, and things for lips. It helps a lot because it makes skin look smooth, hides flaws, and makes makeup last longer. 

Get pampered with signature silicone body treatment

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